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Legacy Of The Beast Hits O2 Arena

Legacy Of The Beast ; London 10th & 11th August, O2 Arena, London UK

Well Iron Maiden at their “home” arena. Sounds good doesn´t it? These two last shows of this European tour were my 31st and 32nd Maiden shows since 12th November 1986 when I saw them live first time.
Iron Maiden kicked off their Legacy Of The Beast tour in Tallinn, Estonia 26th May so it was almost three months ago. The tour landed on British soils on August. They have killer stage set so which was revealed at the beginning and there have been no changes in the stage set neither in the set list so British fans knew what to except. Nowadays you have to avoid almost all kind of media to stay safe from the set list spoilers or images from the shows.

Band were supposed to kick of at 9 pm. but they actually climbed on stage few minutes earlier. Light off and Doctor Doctor , the UFO classic started from the speakers. Audience did some sing along and after that was the time for the legendary Churchill´s Speech which has…