Legacy Of The Beast Hits O2 Arena

Legacy Of The Beast ; London 10th & 11th August, O2 Arena, London UK

Well Iron Maiden at their “home” arena. Sounds good doesn´t it? These two last shows of this European tour were my 31st and 32nd Maiden shows since 12th November 1986 when I saw them live first time.
Iron Maiden kicked off their Legacy Of The Beast tour in Tallinn, Estonia 26th May so it was almost three months ago. The tour landed on British soils on August. They have killer stage set so which was revealed at the beginning and there have been no changes in the stage set neither in the set list so British fans knew what to except. Nowadays you have to avoid almost all kind of media to stay safe from the set list spoilers or images from the shows.

Band were supposed to kick of at 9 pm. but they actually climbed on stage few minutes earlier. Light off and Doctor Doctor , the UFO classic started from the speakers. Audience did some sing along and after that was the time for the legendary Churchill´s Speech which has…

Shit Happens...

Koria 14.7. ja Shit Happens festari.
Southeast Wreck Metal sai kunnian tehdä raporttia Korialla pidetyistä festareista.
Paikkana oli paikallisen mp-tallin viereinen alue peltojen keskellä.
Esiintyjäkaartissa olivat  Pelle Miljoona, Mokoma,Murderdome, Tyrävyö ja uraansa paketoiva Raaka-Aine sekä paikallinen Cantawierre. Meille selvisi myös tuona kauniina, kesäisenä lauantai-iltana että Elvis, rokken rollin kuningas, elää vielä(kin) ja ilmeisesti Korialla. Jotenkin jäimme siihen käsitykseen että Elvis olisi osa paskiksen tiimiä....

Teimme alueella muutaman haastattelun ja bändeistä piinapenkkiimme pääsivät Murderdome, Raaka-Aine ja Mokoma. Näistä videohaastattelut ilmestyvät koht sillään YouTube-kanavallemme.
Jututimme myös festarin puuhamiestä Konsta Sillanpäätä.
Sillanpää kertoi että tilausta kylätapahtumalle oli ja että mp-tallin porukka aloitti asian eteenpäin viemisen saaden siihen mukavasti yhteistyökumppaneita ja auttavia käsiä niin yritysten kuin ystävienkin joukosta.


Being Part Of The Legacy

On Friday 25th May I packed my bags and headed to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.
Well I did celebrate our 20th anniversary as a married couple with my wife but I also had ticket for the first show of the mighty Iron Maiden´s Legacy Of The Beast tour. The gig was to be played at Saku Suurhall which is about ten minutes drive from the city centre.
I had a chance to meet Nicko McBrain on Friday. We had a chat about his drumone business in Manchester and I was able to show him the video whcih we did back in 21st April 2018 when he was presenting PAISTE- Treasure symbals. Nicko gave us a good feedback about the vid and he was having a laugh at some points of it. There are some hilarious moments in it. If YOU have´t seen it yet go to and watch it - NOW!
The city of Tallinn is very nice place to visit in the summer time. The old town with it´s bars and cafes and small boutigues are worth of visit. Believe me it was a very nice weather over there. …

Scanning the scene in Helsinki tonight

What a nice way to spend your holiday and go to a sold out Metallica show.
The venue, Hartwall Arena, is a place where the big names do their shows in Helsinki.
I had a goal to get in as early as possible to get in the front of the stage.


I´ve seen the band in this Hardwired tour in Copenhagen which was the very first show of this European tour 3rd February 2017 and then again in London O2 Arena 22nd October 2017.
At those shows I had a seat and if you are seated the atmosphere is not so good than in front row.

Well after Norweigian band Kvelertak did their set there was a little break, roadies did their job and  carried Kvelertak´s drum kit and other equipment off the stage. Light went out and the intro started to roll.

Band played first three songs with fury and they were full of energy. Hardwired, Atlas Rise! and Seek & Destroy opened the set. Then Four Horsemen and Welcome Home (Sanitarium) before my favorite track from the latest album Now That We´re Dead. This song incl…

Mind blowing shows Pt. 1

Metal week is over now. Last Thursday, May 10th I went to see Blaze Bayley gig. He was promoting his latest album "The Redemption Of William Black" at On The Rocks club in Helsinki. Opening act was Mr. Luke Appleton from Absolva and Iced Earth. Luke has done this kind of opening stuff for Blaze on his previous tours. And it´s kind a nice to hear acoustic versions of Iced Earth an Absolva songs. In 2016 and 2017 Luke did also the late Ronnie James Dio number but now he left it out of his set. Luke did not disappoint me. The set was good, crowd knew the lyrics and were singing with Luke. At the end Luke told in pubic that their band Absolva is going to do their own headline tour in 2018 and they have two gigs in Finland, Helsinki and Mäntyharju where they have really strong fan base.

Then a short brake and Blaze hit the stage. Blaze and the band were full of energy. Their set included songs from all three Entanglement albums as well as some older solo material and of course fe…

exit light...enter night...

Oh it´s been a while.
And we´ve been busy.

We finally got our story about Nickos Drumone out. Few days before that we did Blaze Bayley interview. God I was so excited. I have met Mr. Bayley several times but now it was different.
If you are in Helsinki on May 10th, buy a ticket to the Blaze Bayley gig. The venue is On The Rocks which is located opposite the railway station. It is going to be hell of a show!
Back to Manchester....It was really fun to shoot the footage at Nickos Drumone.
By the way if you are a drummer - pay a visit. If you are a Maiden fan - pay a visit.

The feedback has been constructive. We have three videos out at our YouTube channel.
More will follow, trust me! We have plans going on all the time in our heads.

May 11th the mighty Metallica will hit the stage at Hartwall Arena. An the day before that Blaze Bayley is playing is set also in Helsinki. IT is going to be a metal week! Both of those gigs are worth to wait!

See you in Blaze and Metallica shows!


Trooper, Hallowed, Light Brigade, Red and Black...Have a pint!

On Friday 20th April I visited at the Robinson´s Brewery in Stockport. All beer lovers know the brewery. They became known world wide in 2013 when a a guy named Bruce Dickinson came up with an idea to brew a beer. 

The story says that the representatives of the brewery gave Bruce 10 pints of different kind of beers to taste and if  he was successful enough Robinson´s Brewery would team up with him to brew a beer. Bruce got 7 out of 10.
We did the brewery tour. It kicked off from the visitors centre. Our guide told us very detailed stories about the history of the brewery. How the beer has been brewed in the beginning and how the process and equipment has been changed over the years.

There was a chat about the Trooper beer. It´s been exported into 56 different countries around the world. Since 2013 when the Trooper beer was launched, the Maiden fans around the globe have been visiting Stockport to see how their new favorite beer is brewed. The guide di not tell anything about their fu…