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Trooper, Hallowed, Light Brigade, Red and Black...Have a pint!

On Friday 20th April I visited at the Robinson´s Brewery in Stockport. All beer lovers know the brewery. They became known world wide in 2013 when a a guy named Bruce Dickinson came up with an idea to brew a beer. 

The story says that the representatives of the brewery gave Bruce 10 pints of different kind of beers to taste and if  he was successful enough Robinson´s Brewery would team up with him to brew a beer. Bruce got 7 out of 10.
We did the brewery tour. It kicked off from the visitors centre. Our guide told us very detailed stories about the history of the brewery. How the beer has been brewed in the beginning and how the process and equipment has been changed over the years.

There was a chat about the Trooper beer. It´s been exported into 56 different countries around the world. Since 2013 when the Trooper beer was launched, the Maiden fans around the globe have been visiting Stockport to see how their new favorite beer is brewed. The guide di not tell anything about their fu…

On towards the sea we go...

Madness, that´s what it is.
It started when I was a kid. I think I was around 10 years old when a boy who sitting next to me showed me a cover of the Finnish music magazine where Gene Simmons was pictured in full make up. And if I remember right he had pulled his tongue out too!

My class mate told me that the guy in a cover of that magazine plays in a heavy-metal band called "KISS" and they are the loudest band on earth.
After school we went to my mate´s house and he took a tape  then we listened to it. It was "Creatures Of The Night" drum fill which exploded out from the speakers. I knew this is it.

I got my first KISS tape few weeks later. We went to local music store with my mum. She had her doubts about that kind of music. She even asked the woman behind the counter  that what kind of music is this KISS and she replied "Hellish!" That answer increased my enthusiasm towards KISS.
My mum paid the tape and we went home. I put tape into my cassette player…

Long Live Rock´n Roll

Ritchie Blackmore´s Rainbow played last night in Helsinki,promoter released a statement earlier that the show was sold out.

Ronnie Romero is the lead vocalist, Ritchie himself does the guitar parts, Bob Noveau on bass and David Keith on drums, Jens Johansson on keyboards. Candice Night and Lady Lynn did the backing vocals.

I saw this line up for the first time. I had no expectations for them except towards Ritchie.
Ronnie did vocals parts very well. He reminded me about the  great Ronnie James Dio. Songs like Stargazer, Long Live Rock´n Roll and my favorite Dio era song Sixteen Century Greensleeves sounded brilliant. Ronnie Romero gave the same treatment also for the Purple´s Coverdale era songs Mistreated, Soldier Of Fortune and Burn. Romero also sang his lungs out in Child In Time.
JLT & Bonnet era songs sounded okay but for me Romeros strength was in the Dio / Coverdale era songs. In the end I was pleased the way the band played. Except Ritchie. His playing became more difficu…

Still I´m Sad...Or Am I?

Well, it´s been almost 23 years from my last Rainbow gig.
The last and the only time I witnessed that legendary band was in 1995 at the House of Culture, Helsinki. Doogie White was doing lead vocals at that tour. I was a magical night.
And tomorrow, no actually it will be today because clock is 20 minutes past midnight here in Finland.
But all those yaers that Mr. Blackmore has spent playing with Blackmore´s Night I have been thinking that is the magic still there? The mystical character with black hair, looking calm with his Fender Stratocaster and leading the band with his presence the same way that he did in his Purple days. He was the leader altough Ian Gillan tried to take the crown from Ritchie´s head.
It feels a bit like when I was a kid and I waited for the Santa to come.
There´s magic in the air.


"See the stars come falling down from the sky
Gently passing they kiss your tear drops dry
See the wind come softly blow
Your hair from your face
And the rain comes falling …

Do Not Waste Your Time...

Hi there!

Welcome to our new blog. Let me introduce us:
We are two fine, we are two old gentlemen from Southeast Finland. Both of us love bands like Maiden, Sabbath, Purple,Priest.... and so on. The list is endless.
One day not so long ago in a far away galaxy we came up with an idea that we should do something about metal, something about hard rock - together.
And that is the way this was born. Southeast Wreck Metal did see its first rays of light.

If you take a closer look you can see that we are not engineers....

We want to offer stories for you about rock and metal acts, maybe we´ll do it sometimes a bit different way.

Keep on watching this space cos you never know what or who you might bump into...

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