Being Part Of The Legacy

On Friday 25th May I packed my bags and headed to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.
Well I did celebrate our 20th anniversary as a married couple with my wife but I also had ticket for the first show of the mighty Iron Maiden´s Legacy Of The Beast tour.
The gig was to be played at Saku Suurhall which is about ten minutes drive from the city centre.

I had a chance to meet Nicko McBrain on Friday. We had a chat about his drumone business in Manchester and I was able to show him the video whcih we did back in 21st April 2018 when he was presenting PAISTE- Treasure symbals. Nicko gave us a good feedback about the vid and he was having a laugh at some points of it. There are some hilarious moments in it. If YOU have´t seen it yet go to and watch it - NOW!

The city of Tallinn is very nice place to visit in the summer time. The old town with it´s bars and cafes and small boutigues are worth of visit. Believe me it was a very nice weather over there.
I went to the venue around 5:30 p.m. Lots of fans were gathered around the Saku areena already.
Doors  opened after 6 p.m. and fans rushed inside the venue. There were one merchandise desk in the floor section. T-shirts, caps, key rings, badges etc were available.

Killswitch Engage kicked off their set at the time which was scheduled. They were very energetic, aggressive and for me a good opening band for Maiden. I really liked their music. It was my first ever live experience from KsE. After KsE finished their set, last song was Holy Diver (RJD classic), their road crew and Maiden´s crew did a quick change over and the stage was ready for the beast.

Maiden kicked off their tour with Aces High. They had a replica Spitfire hangin above the stage and moving in the air. Bruce had a pilot glasses and the leather pilot hat in his head during the song.
Maiden was delivering their classics .... 2 Minutes To Midnight, Revelations, The Clansman, Where Eagles Dare, Sign Of The Cross... and the song that really got a hold on me was Flight Of Icarus. I have never ever seen it played live by Maiden. Bruce did it in his solo tour back in 1998. WOW!
Well the show itself was 100% Maiden show. They have added more theatrical stuff for it but it works out believe me. Bruce has more outfits than earlier tours. Even The Trooper has a experienced a facelift if you look at the back drop.

Band was in a good shape. Their playing was great. Bruce´s voice was in excellent condition and his energy in the stage was unbelievable! There were some small errors (technical) here and there but nothing lethal. They have a new sound guy who has been working with bands like KISS. Nicko told me that the band is very satisfied for his work.Well I think that the fans are too. The sound worked out fine through the show. Acoustics in the venue could have been better.

My Maiden show number 28 was done. I was pleased. There was more to come in Helsinki 28th and 29th May and London in August.

Well I am not going to spoil you with a will find it  with a little help from google.
Instead I´ll show you some photos from Tallinn and Helsinki shows.

Up The Irons!



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