Trooper, Hallowed, Light Brigade, Red and Black...Have a pint!

On Friday 20th April I visited at the Robinson´s Brewery in Stockport.
All beer lovers know the brewery. They became known world wide in 2013 when a a guy
named Bruce Dickinson came up with an idea to brew a beer. 

The story says that the representatives of the brewery gave Bruce 10 pints of different kind of beers to taste and if  he was successful enough Robinson´s Brewery would team up with him to brew a beer.
Bruce got 7 out of 10.

We did the brewery tour. It kicked off from the visitors centre. Our guide told us very detailed stories about the history of the brewery. How the beer has been brewed in the beginning and how the process and equipment has been changed over the years.

There was a chat about the Trooper beer. It´s been exported into 56 different countries around the world. Since 2013 when the Trooper beer was launched, the Maiden fans around the globe have been visiting Stockport to see how their new favorite beer is brewed. The guide di not tell anything about their future plans but somehow there was a feeling that the Iron Maiden beer family will expand at some point.

I do not want to tell every detail about the tour. Take your time, visit the brewery. Sit down in their nice Unicorn bar and have pint of Trooper and eat something from their delicious menu.
There is also a shop where you can buy their products as well as Trooper beer merchandise.

So raise your glass and have pint!


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