exit light...enter night...

Oh it´s been a while.
And we´ve been busy.

We finally got our story about Nickos Drumone out. Few days before that we did Blaze Bayley interview. God I was so excited. I have met Mr. Bayley several times but now it was different.
If you are in Helsinki on May 10th, buy a ticket to the Blaze Bayley gig. The venue is On The Rocks which is located opposite the railway station. It is going to be hell of a show!
Back to Manchester....It was really fun to shoot the footage at Nickos Drumone.
By the way if you are a drummer - pay a visit. If you are a Maiden fan - pay a visit.

The feedback has been constructive. We have three videos out at our YouTube channel.
More will follow, trust me! We have plans going on all the time in our heads.

May 11th the mighty Metallica will hit the stage at Hartwall Arena. An the day before that Blaze Bayley is playing is set also in Helsinki. IT is going to be a metal week! Both of those gigs are worth to wait!

See you in Blaze and Metallica shows!



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