Mind blowing shows Pt. 1

Metal week is over now. Last Thursday, May 10th I went to see Blaze Bayley gig. He was promoting his latest album "The Redemption Of William Black" at On The Rocks club in Helsinki. Opening act was Mr. Luke Appleton from Absolva and Iced Earth. Luke has done this kind of opening stuff for Blaze on his previous tours. And it´s kind a nice to hear acoustic versions of Iced Earth an Absolva songs. In 2016 and 2017 Luke did also the late Ronnie James Dio number but now he left it out of his set. Luke did not disappoint me. The set was good, crowd knew the lyrics and were singing with Luke. At the end Luke told in pubic that their band Absolva is going to do their own headline tour in 2018 and they have two gigs in Finland, Helsinki and Mäntyharju where they have really strong fan base.

Then a short brake and Blaze hit the stage. Blaze and the band were full of energy. Their set included songs from all three Entanglement albums as well as some older solo material and of course few Maiden songs. I´ve seen the band 2016, 2017 and they play really good and tight. Chris, Karl and Martin seem very talented guys and Blaze has a bright future still ahead with these guys. So has Absolva where they play while Blaze Bayley band is on holiday. Their playing is getting better year after year. Blaze´s voice is in excellent condition. He is so full of energy and you can feel the energy flowing to the audience. Crowd went really wild. 

The venue was recently renovated and it´s now much more better pace for bands to play. The venue was packed, for my eyes it seemed that around 250 people in the audience, maybe more?
Well Blaze did not leave any of us cold no. Instead it was a gig "With A Hammer To The Head".
Great set list, band playing tight with great energy and a wild crowd. What else do you need to have good metal show?

Stay Metal!
"Who am I, what is me, losing my Identity
Who am I, what is me, Something's taking over"


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